I recently completed my Ph.D. in computer science at UC Berkeley. At Cal, I had the distinction of working with David Wagner on research pertaining to the security of voting systems, and to computer security more broadly. My dissertation, entitled Enabling More Meaningful Post-Election Investigations, examines the state of current election systems and practices, and proposes mechanisms for improving the transparency, reliability, and security of these systems going forward.

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An Analysis of Write-in Marks on Optical Scan Ballots
Theron Ji, Eric Kim, Raji Srikantan, Alan Tsai, Arel Cordero, and David Wagner. EVT/WOTE 2011, August 8, 2011.
Efficient User-Guided Ballot Image Verification
Arel Cordero, Theron Ji, Alan Tsai, Keaton Mowery, and David Wagner. EVT/WOTE 2010, August 9, 2010.
Replayable Voting Machine Audit Logs
Arel Cordero and David Wagner. USENIX/ACCURATE Electronic Voting Workshop (EVT 2008), July 28, 2008.
The Role of Dice in Election Audits -- Extended Abstract
Arel Cordero, David Wagner, and David Dill. IAVoSS Workshop On Trustworthy Elections (WOTE 2006), June 29, 2006.

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CS 188 Artificial Intelligence
CS 161 Computer Security

Prior protégés

During my graduate career I had the privilege of mentoring several illustrious students including Eric Kim, Raji Srikantan, Alan Tsai, Theron Ji, and Keaton Mowery.